Abidjan, Côte D’Ivoire 2014
Owner: A. I. D. K. K. M. – Abidjan – Côte D’Ivoire

The project of a ‘Centre Commercial et Services”, along with the construction of a new hospital in the vast district of Yopougon will significantly contribute to the redevelopment of this huge area of about 41.000 sq.mt. The Centre consists of two separate buildings connected by a “square” covered by a metal tensile structure. Car parking lots aimed both at customers and staff, connected to a new district’s road system will be added as well.
The C-shaped largest building features an elongated arcaded pathway with tall columns that protects passersby from sunlight and rain.
On the inside, along the shopping mall, commercial modules open onto two levels: being independent, they can be implemented in subsequent times.
The services-including circular building is also characterized by a high colonnade and arcades with different depths.
By adopting two different constructive methods – the “large roofing” and “independent commercial modules ” – we could involve local operators in the modules building, with simpler construction methods that do not require any special equipment.