Lecco – Italy
General Contractor: Valassi Costruzioni S. r.l. – Lecco – Italy

The project of urban transformation regards the former “Galbani” production area in Lecco, which has a past history of degradation and abandonment. Predominantly residential buildings along with a limited number of shops and offices are scheduled to replace the downtown-located industrial buildings, previously used as warehouses.
Following some initial proposals, the final project will include a 5 levels building above the ground, set back from the street line and preceded by a long porch that aligns with the building structure overlooking the street.
The “portico” gives access to the inner spaces and defines a kind of “hortus conclusus”, however accessible by the general public.
A large underground carpark complete the builidng complex’s available services.

The project proposes a new volumetric scheme involving the creation of an inner courtyard that separates the new residential building and the carparks from the existing one. In the latter, the lower levels will be intended for new commercial and tertiary activities use.