Lecco – Italy
General Contractor: Corti Costruzioni S. r.l. – Galbiate (Lc) – Italy

The urban transformation project concerns an abandoned, semi-suburban industrial area, close to the town centre. By replacing the industrial structure, which was moved out of the town, the new residential complex involves an environmental redevelopment and regeneration process with the creation of an urban park and the exploitation of a creek that delimits the area. The project provides for a substantial reduction of the buildings’volumes. A new residential complex, with a volume of about mc. 38,000 and heights up to 4/5 floors above the ground, will sit on an area of approximately 17,000 square meters, previously occupied by mc. 133,000 industrial buildings.
Featuring a typological – compositive pattern characterized by broken lines and plastic composition, the houses offer privileged views on the surrounding environment. Carparks are all placed at basement level, with motor-vehicles traffic pathway separated from the cycle-pedestrians one.
The project also sought a higher environmental sustainability, with buildings featuring high energy savings and the best living comfort.