Lecco – Italy
Completed: 2009
with: Ing. Ciro Napolitano, Provveditorato Interregionale OO.PP. Lombardia e Liguria
General Contractor: ATI Costruzioni Falcione geom. Luigi S.r.l. – Campobasso – Italy, EL.CO.TE.M. Impianti S.r.l. – Milano – Italy

The new-built Chamber of Commerce headquarters originated from a partial renovation of an existing building, complemented by a large extension which occupies a portion of the available outer area.
The building, with a total area of approximately 3.250 above ground level, consists of two distinct parts. The front one, developed on one-level, facing the road and the “tower-like” rear one that extends over six levels. Two undergorund levels, measuring approximately 4.800, were allocated to garages and service spaces.
The short volume, crossed by a glass corridor that highlights the main entrance, houses spaces for user’s services and the 360 seats auditorium, designed by Arch. Giancarlo Marzorati. The rear building contains operational and representative offices.
The design of the outer envelope, characterized by the dark gray ceramic coating and metal beams steel, proposes a new definition of the facades, integrating image content and functionality in a single design; the interior design adopts the same feature as well.
It is also important to note the high level of technological and specializing systems in the structure. These include the adoption of a photovoltaic system on the roof for the production of energy from renewable sources.